Reliable Ways To Get A Canadian Job As An Immigrant

Securing a job place outside Canada is onerous, too naive victims and novice job seekers slip into the hands of fraudsters posing as employers or agencies seeking jobs.

The employment scam orchestrated by fraudsters is a worrisome trend the Canadian government and citizens are fighting vigorously to curb. Fraudsters use valid information stolen from Canadian citizens or companies as a front for their nefarious activities.

One of the many obstacles of getting a job offer from a Canadian employer is a positive Labour Impact Assessment (LMIA.) The LMIA is a report from the Ministry of Employment and Social Development Canada stating that no Canadian citizen or Permanent resident is available for the position advertised. Positive LMIA report from the ESDC indicates a foreigner could be employed to fill the advertised position.

However, the following people do not a job offer to work in Canada:
  • Self-employed occupations
  • Certain skilled worker occupations
  • Investors and entrepreneur
  • Young adults on Working holiday
  • Intracompany transfer from certain countries
There are several ways you can land a job in Canada from outside Canada and these include.

Ensure Your CV is Current

There are many professionals and skilled workers vying for the same position, your CV can play a very crucial role in helping you land your dream job. Ensure your Cv stand out and is up to date if you want to be selected for the job. Check out a few resume help firms to help you with in-depth tips.


Canada workforce is highly educated and skilled, you must satisfy the minimum requirements before even thinking of looking for a job. Contacting recruiting agencies focused in your field of endeavour is one of the best bet in landing a job in Canada. There are lots of recruitment agencies in Canada, and it is advisable to search for agencies specialized in your field.

For example, if you are in the Engineering industry, you should Google “Engineering recruitment agencies” in the province or territory you desire to settle. Working with recruitment agencies can boost your overall chances of getting a job. They can help in writing a better cover letter, resume and offering professional interview tips, and most important background information on the companies that you will be applying to.

NOTE: Be-careful about recruiters or headhunters who demand money from you. 

Online Resources
Job Bank is the goto resources for most employers in Canada, it is a resource for both employers and candidates seeking employment. Canada job bank offers thousands of job opportunities for everyone provided you meet the requirement.

Linkedin is a professional social networking site, where employers seek skilled and professional employees.  Ensure your profile stands out on Linkedin, if your profile offers great prospects, some employers may not care that you are outside Canada. There are several other job sites in Canada, 

The best way to get a job in Canada is understanding and having the right touch. According to the study undertaken by Harvard Business School, about 65 per cent -85 per cent of workers are sought by networking.

Networking is an simple way for others to share their opinions and ideas, and also to encounter new people and make new friends. Canada has numerous networking tools that offer better options for career seekers.

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